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Event Video Nightmares and the Meeting Planners Who Lived Through Them!
True story. A friend of mine hosted a one-day conference some years ago. Mind you, this is before PrettyWork stepped fully into the business of telling stories through video. The speaker line-up was packed full of some of the city's best and brightest and we were all waiting for the keynote address! The event started and I noticed my friend looking quite agitated. Not uncommon for event hosts or meeting planners on the day of a big event. Trust me, I understand! When I asked what was wrong, she replied that the videographers had not shown, were not answering their phone and they had already been paid. Uh-oh. 

Half way during the conference, they finally show up with no explanation for their blatant tardiness. No apology. No nothing.
They set up and record the remaining speakers and days' events.

A few weeks after the event, I called to check on my friend. You know, see how post-event recovery was going.  I asked had she seen footage from the conference and she said yes. But it wasn't an enthusiastic yes. It was the yes you reluctantly give when something has gone horribly wrong. I asked her to send me the link so I could see what was so horrible about the video but she refused. She said no one would ever see that footage. She said it would never see the light of day and she's kept her word. 

Not only did she not have full coverage of the day's event to help with future promotions but she had paid a tidy sum to videographers who showed up late, came ill equipped and delivered a sub-standard product. 


Then there's the story of the videographers who had their gear stolen right after an event while they stopped to get gas. That event host never got to see the footage and was heartbroken. 

So What's A Meeting Planner To Do? 
 Request. Review. Retain.

Do request help from trusted sources in finding a professional videographer for your event. This can be another meeting planner, the city's visitor bureau or even a chamber of commerce. The goal is to get a worthy referral.

Review their work thoroughly. If there's no work to review...keep moving. Even if your budget is tight, the prospect of working with someone who's inexperienced in order to save a few dollars can be risky. Ask my friend. Then after a review of their work ask yourself if you like what you see. Does their style, skill and creativity match the vision you have for your event?

Finally, retain the best and most reliable service your budget allows. 

Why Team PrettyWork? 

I'm a designer and photographer known as The Marketing Stylist™ with over 20 years of marketing, design and production experience. He's a skilled photographer, videographer, quality control expert and head tech guy with over 20 years of experience too!. Together we help clients just like you tell incredible stories through the power of video and our clients love us!

Lisa + Elgin Alexander
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"If you want a creative team that will produce pretty amazing work for you, then PrettyWork Creative is the team to call!"
Denika Carothers, The Relationship Coach
The Onsite Interview
Who better to pitch your conference than your members and sponsors? PrettyWork Creative captures their story and experiences onsite!  We'll add key interviews to your highlight reel so promotion for your next big event comes right from those who directly benefit. We help you build your own word-of-mouth campaign!
PrettyWork Video Services
All services include camera, tripod, lighting, wireless mic, and video editing. Raw footage available upon request. Houston local travel included. Outside of Houston? Call 281-826-4572!

Prices Just Reduced! Hurry this offer expires 6/30/17!
Half Day
  • One Camera, Two Interviews, Up to 5-Minute Highlight Reel
  • Four-hour Coverage
  • Quality Audio
  • 1080 HD Video
  • Music
  • Basic Title, Opener and Closing
  • Four-hours of editing
1-Day Lite
  • One Camera, Two Interviews, Up to 7-Minute Highlight Reel
  • Six-Hour Coverage
  • Quality Audio 
  • 1080 HD Video
  • Music
  • Basic Title, Opener and Closing
  • Six-hours of editing
Full Day
  • Two Cameras, Four Interviews, Up to 10-Minute Highlight Reel
  • Six to-Eight Hour Coverage
  • Quality Audio
  • 1080 HD Video
  • Music & Animated Titles
  • Animated Intro and Outro
  • Eight-hours of editing
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